Avon Care Avocado Oil Hand And Body Lotion

Surprisingly I didn’t expect this Avon product would be this good. I have super super sensitive skin. Bila nyamuk gigit memang jadi merah dan tinggalkan parut. Sobss. But remember that, untuk percepatkan healing process kulit yang iritasi ialah dengan keep it moisturise.


Enrinched with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E leaving skin looking and feeling healthy and intensenly nourished. Provide 24 hour moisturisattion. Suitable for the entire family. Non-greasy and non-sticky. Dermatology tested.


Creamy. Quite thick that’s why it is suitable for dry skin.



Apply macam biasa saja. Apply as often as necessary


It absorbs like a magic I tell you. Ingatkan dia jenis akan stay on the skin and give film affect. But it really absorbs like into the skin. Tak rasa heavy melainkan bila apply terlalu banyak. Since the texture quite rich, apply nipis-nipis pun dah cukup.

After all, since I have dry skin, it really does it job. Moisturise my skin well. Takde rasa melekit or apa. Ok la, I like it. Kalau ada brightening effect mesti lagi best kan hehe. But it’s ok. Boleh spray dengan Vitamin C dulu than apply lotion. A well moisturised skin juga boleh menjadikan tona makin cerah tau.

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