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Review Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water

Review Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water


Product Name : Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water
Amount : 200ml

Price : RM17-RM19. I bought during sale, so I got it cheaper than usual


  • FREE from Paraben, Colours and Perfume
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically APPROVED

A bit lotion-ny texture. But don’t underestimate it okay. It’s cleansing power very amahzing yet so moisturising

What It Claims
1. Remove eye makeup gently without rubbing and cares for beautiful eye lashes
2. Cleanse deeply and effectively remove makeup 
3. Moisturise and helps to reduce the three signs of sensitive skin : redness, tightness, dyrness

How To Use
Guna macam your usual micellar water. Letak atas cotton pad then wipe all your makeup gently. Don’t press to hard okay, it will irritate your skin then lama-lama akan affect your skin barrier.

My Own Experience
I really enjoyed using this micellar water. Takde pape irritation sepanjang guna Nivea Micellar Water ini. I would really sugest this micellar water to those yang having sensitive skin. But remember to read the ingredients first ok. Since dia ada PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Dexpanthol and Grape Seed Oil dan tak semua orang boleh tolerate with these ingredients. So better to check first ok, or patch test untuk kurangkan risiko breakout.  

I really love the moisturing effect micellar ni bagi selepas remove makeup. Tak pernah rasa pedih and the cotton pad just glide gently atas kulit macam gegula kapas gitew hehe. Sangat sangat gentle untuk kulit yet very moisturising. Betul lah apa yang diorang claim tu kan. Even untuk eyes pun sangat gentle. I don’t know how to describe it, but from my experience my eyes never irritate bila guna dekat eyes area. For me this micellar water suitable to remove light to medium makeup.

Actually still need to rub jugak bila pakai waterproof mascara. Since sekarang dah banyak mascara senang basuh dengan air je, so it doesn’t bother me hehe. But to remove mascara and eyeshadow pun senang dan tak irritate so it’s a good try bagi yang tak pernah try. Takde rasa pedih bahagian mata or rasa kering so it’s a YEAYYY for eyes area. 

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